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Making Maeng Da 50 Caps Part of Your Kratom Regimen

Have you been interested in starting a kratom regimen?  Maybe you’ve heard from friends about the unique properties of this plant, or perhaps you’ve seen it in local stores but didn’t know much about it.  Well, what we can tell you is that kratom is a natural plant that comes from Southeast Asia, and it belongs to the evergreen family.  For thousands of years, it’s been used by various cultures for everything from severe, chronic pain to low energy.  And, more and more women have made kratom part of their routine due to issues related to their monthly cycles.

Before you go and buy the first kratom product that you find, you have to know that not all kratom products are created equally.  This industry is not very regulated, so it’s crucial that you find a company that sells legitimate products and is transparent with their customers.  At OK Botanicals, we proudly sell the best kratom that we can source so that our customers can enjoy all that this fascinating plant has to offer.

One of the best ways to start taking kratom is to go with our Maeng Da 50 Caps.  This provides you with capsules containing kratom so that you’ll have an easy time giving yourself a daily dose.  We’re going to be talking more about these capsules so that you can understand what they are, how they work and how each variation differs from the rest.

What are Maeng Da 50 Caps?

Maeng Da 50 Caps are pouches of capsules that contain powdered kratom that is derived straight from the tree.  This is one of the best ways for beginners to test the effects of kratom as no measuring or fussing around is necessary.  Simply pop one to four capsules into your mouth and know that you’re getting the proper dosage level for your needs.

One thing that makes these capsules so exceptional is that they contain nothing but kratom.  A lot of companies are trying to hop on the kratom trend by creating capsules loaded with filler ingredients and such a small amount of actual kratom that it’s hardly potent enough to do anything at all.  Our kratom is so high in quality that we don’t need to mask it with additional ingredients.  As far as this product is concerned, what you see is what you get.

Now, you may know that there are, in fact, several strains of kratom out there.  We know that each strain has its own unique properties, and that some users greatly prefer one strain over the others.  That’s why we offer three different variations of our Maeng Da 50 Caps, with each one utilizing a unique strain of the kratom tree.


Red kratom is derived from Indonesia, and it’s one of the most desired strains among those who struggle with anxiety and stress.  It’s a calming strain that can be felt in both the mind and the body.  Another unique feature of this strain is that it seems to stay active in the system for a very long time, meaning that one dose may be all that you need to get through whatever the day has in store.


White kratom is uniquely potent, which is why each capsule of this variation has a lower dose.  Now, you can develop a tolerance to this strain, so bear it in mind and only take it as needed.  This particular strain is associated with focus and uplifting effects, and a little bit truly does go a long way.  If you’re struggling with your body’s natural energy levels, this may be the right strain for you.


From Thailand, green kratom is a more well-balanced strain, being uplifting, calming and relieving all at the same time.  This is the most popular strain among those who have some sort of chronic pain situation, and most users of this particular strain take small doses daily. 

Why are Maeng Da 50 Caps Becoming So Popular?

So, what’s the big deal with kratom, anyway?  Well, as we know, there is an epidemic of opioid-related deaths in our country.  Therefore, it’s not that surprising that many people wish to take a more holistic approach in their day-to-day lives.  Kratom is completely natural and doesn’t require a prescription.  This makes it highly appealing to wellness enthusiasts as well as those who struggle with the high costs associated with other methods.

How Should I Take Maeng Da 50 Caps?

Before you begin a kratom regimen, we do recommend running it by your doctor as they know your medical history and can steer you in the right direction.  Always start with the lowest dose that’s recommended, as this will allow you to monitor the way in which this plant interacts with your body.  If you feel as though you are having unpleasant side effects, you should seek medical attention.  And, remember to only buy your kratom from trusted companies such as OK Botanicals, where we carefully source our kratom and all of our other plant-based products from the best farmers in the world.

Experience These Kratom-Based Caps for Yourself Today!

At OK Botanicals, we have a variety of kratom strains so that you can customize your kratom experience.  And, most importantly, our products are legitimate, high in quality and highly beloved by the natural health community.

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Welcome to Kratom 101

For many natural health enthusiasts, kratom is a relatively new discovery that’s quickly taking off due to its potential effects.  However, the truth is that kratom has been around as long as mother nature, and it’s been widely used for possibly thousands of years by cultures in areas in which it’s abundant.  Native to Southeast Asia, kratom is a plant that’s being touted as one of the most useful holistic substances in the world.  But what is it, exactly, and does it truly live up to the hype?

If you’ve been interested in exploring kratom, we’re here to give you what you need to get started.  We’re going to be talking about kratom in-depth, answering all of your questions and more so that you can fully comprehend what makes this plant so unique.  This way, you’ll be able to go about acquiring it in the proper manner and using it in a way that yields the best possible results.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a plant belonging to the coffee family.  It’s actually a tropical evergreen tree, and for thousands of years, it’s been used for its potential stimulant and pain-relieving properties.  You may have heard that it behaves similarly to an opioid drug, and it’s true that many people who use kratom take it for this reason.  You can therefore also understand why it’s becoming so popular just as we’re beginning to understand the true effects of the opioid crisis in our country.

We do need to point out a few things about kratom before we continue.  First of all, kratom is legal in all but six states in which it is considered a controlled substance.  These states include Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wisconsin.  While it’s technically legal in all other states, there may be some more specific laws regarding how it may be purchased, sold and consumed, so make sure that you check with your state government before making it part of your routine. 

Additionally, we do not recommend kratom use for recreational purposes, as it’s mainly used for its therapeutic properties.  Please speak to your doctor before taking kratom, as they will want to know what you are using as a treatment, and may be able to inform you if you need to take it in a particular manner due to your unique medical history and any medications that you may be on.

Now, what does the FDA say about kratom?  Well, according to them, they cannot claim that kratom is safe or effective.  However, we know that lots of plant-based products are on the market that have not been approved by the FDA.

Now, let’s get more specific about the common uses for kratom.  Most people who take kratom are dealing with some form of chronic pain.  However, historically, kratom has also been used as a stimulant, a libido enhancer and a mood relaxer.  Additionally, many people use kratom as a way to curb withdrawal symptoms after they stop taking opioids.

Can I Take Kratom on its Own?

Kratom is available on its own, and it comes in several different forms, including dry powders, liquid tonics, topicals and capsules.  Be aware that kratom comes in different concentrations, so speak to an expert before deciding on a concentration that’s best for you.

Also, be aware that there are a number of strains of kratom, with each one having a slightly different chemical composition from the rest.  See, its unique properties come from its various chemical compounds, and each strain has these compounds rearranged in different ways, allowing some properties to be more prominent than others.

Can Kratom Be Combined with Other Natural Ingredients?

Kratom can also be combined with other plant-based ingredients that have similar properties, so that a person can experience a wide number of therapeutic compounds at one time.  Most often, you’ll find kratom combined with CBD, menthol and medicinal herbs.

What Should I Know Before Taking Kratom?

Now that you know the basics of kratom, let’s talk about how you should go about adding it to your routine.

Know Your Source

First, it’s very important that you are careful when it comes to where you buy your kratom from.  This is an unregulated market due to the FDA’s disinterest in it.  Therefore, it’s on you to make sure that you’re purchasing kratom from a trusted source.  We recommend looking for reviews before making a purchase.  We also suggest doing research on kratom beforehand in order to know what you should be looking for, and how to know that the kratom you’ve purchased is legitimate.  Kratom can also vary in quality, so you want to know that the company you buy from is taking the time to source only the best that’s available.

Know the Right Strength

Everyone has their own reason for wanting to take kratom, and this largely determines the strength that you should go with.  We recommend that you start with a lower strength than average, as this will allow you to get a feel for how kratom affects your unique body.  Then, little by little, you can increase your strength only as needed.  This way, you’ll increase the chances of having a positive experience.

Know Your Goal

It’s important that you know what it is that you’re trying to accomplish with kratom prior to taking it.  For instance, if you’re taking it specifically for chronic pain, you can better find a product specifically targeted toward this common issue. 

Ask Questions

If you’re a first-time kratom buyer, don’t be afraid to ask questions to people who have taken it before, as well as people who sell kratom.  The more information you have, the more likely you’ll have a positive and satisfying experience with it. 

Start Slow

You may be tempted to take a whole lot of kratom at once the first time in order to see what it’s really capable of.  However, this is a bad idea, as high levels of kratom can produce side effects.  Instead, start with the recommended dose that is on the product’s label, and work your way up only if you’re still not having the experience that you had hoped for.

Have a Game Plan on What to Look Out For

Always monitor your body’s reaction to kratom, as well as any new substance that you’re introducing into your system.  Everyone’s body is different, and therefore reacts to things differently.  If you feel ill in any way, it’s important to seek medical attention.

Consider Your Administration Method

Lastly, make sure that you choose an administration method that’s catered to your preferences.  This will increase the chance that you enjoy taking your dose and will allow to continue enjoying your kratom routine as long as need be.  See what’s available, as the market is rapidly expanding and diversifying.

Clearly, Kratom is Unique from Other Useful Plant products in Many Ways

Which explains its drastic spike in popularity since it was first launched on the market.  If you’re looking to maximize your use of holistic goods, you may want to consider adding this to your repertoire.  As kratom becomes more popular, we expect to continue seeing it utilized in new, innovative and user-friendly ways.