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CBD and Kratom for MMA Athletes

Whether you’re a fan of MMA or an aspiring athlete yourself, you probably know that there are a lot of ups and downs in an MMA fighter’s career.  The advantages include the perks of being a recognizable athlete, and, of course, taking out opponents.  However, we also know that this is a very strenuous form of athleticism that comes with lots of risks.  For one thing, serious injuries are more common with this particular sport.  Additionally, the grueling fitness routines required to be in adequate shape can be extremely stressful on the body, as can be the lifestyle that goes along with this type of sport.

Today, we’re going to talk about two popular products among MMA athletes: kratom and CBD.  Now, you may be wondering why both of these products are so widely used among fighters.  However, as you’ll see, it actually makes perfect sense.

The Strenuous Nature of MMA Fighting

Look – no one ever said that MMA fighting was easy.  We as fans of the sport know all too well how common it is for our favorite fighters to get life-altering injuries that are very difficult to recover from.  We also know that due to the intensity of this particular sport, our favorite athletes have to push their bodies to almost unfathomable lengths in order to be in the proper shape to maintain that level of physical stamina during an actual match. 

If you’re a fitness enthusiast yourself, you probably have a good idea of the physical stress that these fighters allow their bodies to be put through.  After all, pretty much every type of exercise requires a period of recovery, as our muscles tear and must repair themselves.  If we aren’t careful, or if we push ourselves too hard, we can end up with serious injuries which require us to take a break from exercising for weeks to months at a time.

Rules Regarding Drug Use

So, as you can imagine, MMA fighters get hurt – a lot.  Whether it’s due to a painful blow from an opponent or a dislocated shoulder due to lifting weights that are simply too heavy, injuries are common.  But, like most regulated sports, athletes are extremely limited when it comes to how they can treat their injuries, not to mention the day-to-day pain caused by such intensive training.  Now, most sports allow for the use of opioid drugs, but, as we know, these come with lots of risks.  So, many MMA athletes are seeking out more natural options that are legal yet unique in terms of their chemical properties.

Natural Products for MMA Athletes

Now, we’re going to talk about the two most popular natural products for MMA fighters: kratom and CBD.  Each plant-based product has its own fascinating properties and delivery methods, but when they are used together, they reach new levels.


Kratom is an evergreen tree belonging to the coffee family, and it is cultivated in Southeast Asia.  For thousands of years, kratom has been used as a natural aid for pain, stress and low energy levels, not to mention an underperforming libido.  Now, kratom has reached the mainstream, and lots of people are finding ways to incorporate it into their daily routines.  Therefore, it should come as no surprise that MMA fighters are among some of the most enthusiastic kratom advocates of all.  Many use it before and after a fight due to the fact that its various properties provide different effects. 

If you’re interested in trying out kratom, check out what we have to offer at OK Botanicals.  We’ve got a variety of unique strains available, and each of our kratom products are carefully sourced from expert and experienced farmers.

It’s important to note that in some states, kratom is illegal.  Therefore, if you live in one of the states in which kratom is considered a controlled substance, you cannot use it or sell it.


CBD is becoming increasingly popular among athletes all around the world, with many top players endorsing it.  CBD comes from the hemp plant, which is legal, unlike its cousin, the marijuana plant.  But, it has its own unique chemical composition that provides its own unique effects, and it has the distinction of feeding the body’s endocannabinoid system which consists of cannabinoid receptors all throughout the body.

CBD is a product that can be taken in pretty high doses and over long periods of time.  This is just one of the reasons why so many MMA fighters are flocking to it.  It can also be administered in a number of ways, ranging from vape oils, oral tinctures, edibles and topicals.  In fact, topicals are a growing market right now, and MMA fighters love that topicals can be applied directly to the affected area as needed.

CBD won’t show up on a drug test like marijuana, which is why MMA fighters feel safe taking it.

Now that you know about both CBD and kratom, you can imagine why so many athletes like to take these two products together.  They each have unique chemical compounds within the plant material and combining them may produce synergistic effects.  Plus, they each come in a variety of delivery methods, so users can customize and personalize their individual regimens based on their needs, preferences and ultimate goals.

At OK Botanicals, we offer high-quality CBD products that are made with organically grown hemp that’s free of undesirable impurities.  Our CBD comes in a wide range of administration methods, so make sure to see what we offer. 

A Rising Trend Indeed

Both CBD and kratom are becoming more widely used among MMA fighters, and now you know why.  As you can see, both of these natural products contain unique properties that are very enticing to athletes that do such grueling workouts and high intensity fighting.  If you’re an athlete who is looking for natural products, you may wanna check out the CBD and kratom products that we have available at OK Botanicals.

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5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing CBD Gummies

So, you wanna enter the fascinating world of CBD gummies?  If so, you’re definitely not the only one.  CBD gummies have been one of the fastest-growing industries within the wellness world, because they’re fun to take, delicious and fully capable of giving your body all of those hemp compounds that you’ve been hearing so much about.

CBD gummies are simply gummy candies that have been infused with hemp extract.  Hemp extract is the extracted concentrate that contains the compounds found in the hemp plant, as it has been separated from the plant material using heat or pressure.  Once it’s blended into a gummy candy formula, it becomes very easy to consume a consistent dose on a daily basis.

What You Need to Know

Before you go out and buy your first bag of CBD gummies, however, there are some factors that you need to take into consideration.  The thing is that not all CBD gummies are created equally.

Factor #1: Brand

The first thing that you need to consider is the manufacturer of the gummies.  See, not all companies are as dedicated to quality as we are.  A lot of them get away with using cheap, poorly extracted hemp, simply because the industry doesn’t have so many regulations in place at the moment due to its new relationship with the FDA.  Therefore, only buy your CBD gummies from a company that has positive reviews and posts their third-party lab results on their website.  This way, you’ll know that the brand is producing the real thing.

Factor #2: Flavor

Sure, we take CBD gummies to get CBD, but the flavor of the candy matters as well.  After all, if you’re committing to a daily hemp routine in order to accomplish something specific, you want to make sure that the actual act of taking CBD is as enjoyable and easy as can be.  If you end up with a flavor that’s unappealing to your palate, you’ll dread having to take your daily dose, which increases the likelihood that you’ll stop taking CBD altogether.

Factor #3: Milligram Strength

Next, there’s the milligram strength.  Every CBD gummy product has the milligram strength clearly printed on the label, and this strength either refers to the total number of milligrams in the pouch, or the number of milligrams per piece of candy.  This milligram strength represents the number of milligrams that you’ll be consuming per dose.  This number is very important because how many milligrams you consume each day directly determines how positive your CBD experience is according to your unique hemp-related needs.

Factor #4: Other Ingredients

Now, it’s time to look at the other ingredients within the formula.  For instance, if you’re trying to avoid gluten, you want to make sure that you find a gluten-free recipe.  Also, you may be someone who is trying to stick to clean ingredients when it comes to your diet.  Lots of CBD gummies are made with clean, natural ingredients that taste just as good as the sinfully sweet stuff that we remember from back in the day.

Factor #5: Price Point

Finally, you have to consider the price.  Of course, you don’t want to overspend on your CBD gummies, especially if you plan to take them indefinitely.  But, you also don’t want to underspend if it means that you’re sacrificing quality in order to stay within a budget.  CBD gummies that are extremely inexpensive compared to the rest might be so cheap for a reason, if you know what we mean.  Do some research to figure out what the average cost is, as this will tell you what’s a normal amount to pay for this type of product. 

Make the Best Purchase at OK Botanicals for Your Hemp Needs

CBD gummies can provide you with a satisfying hemp experience while giving your sweet tooth exactly what it craves at the same time.  However, you need to know that these cannabinoid gummies can vary from product to product in a number of ways.  Simply use this guide to make sure that you take everything important into consideration before buying gummies to try.

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Boosting Your Workouts with CBD and Other Supplements

Whether you’re a hardcore fitness enthusiast or just someone who hits the gym whenever they get a chance during the week, you know that exercise benefits your body in countless ways.  It allows you to enjoy greater lung capacity, stronger muscles, a healthier body weight, healthy circulation, balanced hormones and more.  Of course, despite the fact that exercise is so good for us, it can also be taxing on the body if we aren’t in good health to begin with.

In fact, if our bodies are lacking in certain nutrients, and if some of our bodily processes are underperforming due to any number of factors, exercise can be less beneficial due to the effects of such physical stress.  This is why it’s important to pay attention to your body’s needs before, during and after your workout sessions.

Today, we’ll be talking about the ways in which you can support your body naturally throughout your fitness lifestyle.  Today, there are so many different supplements and holistic products that may be able to improve your workout game by getting you into the zone and speeding up the recovery process, while supplying you with everything you need to push through that final set of reps.

Why Your Body Needs to Recover After Working Out

Whether we’re going for a light jog or a heavy weight-lifting session, exercise has the potential to tear our muscles.  In fact, when we lift weights, that’s exactly what we’re doing – tearing our muscles so that they rebuild themselves into larger, stronger ones.  Now, even though this is the goal when it comes to exercising, it doesn’t mean that it’s normal to be in so much pain that you can barely move for days after a particularly tough exercise routine.

Our bodies need a chance to recover after exercise, and that recovery process can take much longer if we don’t already have the necessary nutrients that support muscle recovery.  Additionally, common issues like chronic inflammation, poor sleep and even stress can interfere with our body’s ability to recover in a timely manner.

Why Your Body Needs an Extra Boost Prior to Working Out

Another thing that we struggle with is finding the energy and motivation to work out.  We’re all familiar with turning down a workout session because we’re just not in the right headspace for it, or because we’re exhausted from a long and tiring day.  But, the bottom line is that we need to exercise in order to maintain good overall health.  Luckily, there are natural ways to boost your physical and mental energy and stamina so that we can start a fitness routine no matter how grueling our week has been.  The best natural products out there simply supply the body with what it’s lacking, such as certain vitamins that provide us with a healthy level of consistent energy.

Natural Products to Take Before and After Working Out

So, what should you be taking before and after working out?  Here are the best natural ways to improve your overall fitness game.


So many of us are naturally deficient in vitamins and don’t even know it.  Both vitamin B12 and D are extremely common deficiencies, and both directly influence our energy levels, mood and pain levels.  So, you can imagine that someone who is deficient in both will struggle to feel motivated enough to work out, and may have a harder time recovering following an intense exercise session.


Nootropics are supplements that directly work with the brain’s cognitive function.  Our cognitive function is a complex process that controls mental energy, mental stamina, mood, motivation and focus.  So, if all of these departments are lacking, chances are that you’ll struggle throughout your entire workout routine.  We suggest exploring the nootropics that are currently available and seeing how they may be able to help you with your workout.

Natural Stimulants

Natural stimulants, as opposed to artificial ones, tend to be more gentle on the body, and work with the body’s natural ebb and flow of energy rather than forcing the body to overexert itself.  Natural stimulants include certain medicinal herbs that regulate the body’s energy cycle so that you have a natural boost just when it’s time to start doing some heavy lifting.


Kratom is an evergreen tree in Southeast Asia, and it’s been used for centuries as a natural pain reliever.  If you struggle with some kind of chronic pain that interferes with your ability to physically exert yourself, you may want to read up more on this fascinating plant-based product.  More and more athletes are using it regularly to recover more quickly while being able to get through their exercise routines as comfortably as possible.


CBD is unique in that it works directly with the body’s endocannabinoid system which seems to influence every bodily process from mood to inflammation.  Lots of athletes take CBD both before and after their workout as it may be able to improve energy levels while helping with the soreness that occurs after a particularly difficult exercise routine.

Taking CBD for Workout-Related Purposes

If you want to start taking CBD for workout-related reasons, there are some things that you should know first as this relatively new product is widely misunderstood.  First of all, CBD comes in so many different administration methods these days, with each having its own unique effects.  So, choose the one that’s right for you.  Also, know that CBD products vary in terms of their milligram strengths, so it’s important that you go with the right potency for your particular needs.

Also, you may be interested to know that CBD comes in topical form as well, which is great for applying to affected areas before and after your fitness routine.  CBD absorbs through the layers of skin quickly to reach the muscle with its highly bioavailable compounds.  In fact, the skin and muscles have cannabinoid receptors throughout that use the cannabinoids in hemp such as CBD for various purposes.  And, this type of application allows for a more targeted experience based on one’s specific trigger areas.

Working Out is Great for Our Health on Its Own

However, we can maximize its benefits by taking care of our bodies before and after each exercise session.  One of the best things that you can do is develop a daily routine to support your fitness regimen by taking supplements and other wellness products throughout the day.  Use this guide to figure out what it is that can most benefit your body so that your workouts can feel great.

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A New Decade of CBD Has Arrived!

Most CBD enthusiasts have been at least intrigued by hemp since the industry first began and have therefore had the honor of watching it evolve over the last ten years.  If there’s one thing that we can say for certain, it’s that the past decade has shown us that CBD isn’t going anywhere.  In fact, economic experts predict big things for the hemp market over the next few years, which means that there’s no sign of it slowing down.  At last, we can say once and for all that CBD is so much more than a passing trend.

For those of us who are avid CBD users, it’s hard to imagine a time when this industry was not around.  So many of us have found that CBD has changed our lives, and sing its praises daily.  But, not too long ago, practically no one knew what CBD was or how it was any different from marijuana.

Now that we’ve just passed an entire decade, we’re going to reflect on how the industry has grown and evolved throughout the 2010s.  Then, we’ll talk about what we expect to see from the industry in the decade to come. 

CBD Throughout the Past Decade

Remember when you first heard about CBD?  Chances are that you do, because it really wasn’t that long ago.  This industry really only came into public existence after new laws passed a handful of years back that allowed hemp to be legally cultivated once again.  Part of this change had to do with the reclassifications of cannabis as controlled substances, as hemp was finally considered an independent substance with no psychoactive properties.

Now, it’s hard to imagine a time without CBD, especially for those of us who have it as part of our daily routines.  But, if you remember, the early stages of the industry were tucked away in the underground, with many people being afraid to try it due to its close association with marijuana.

So, just how much has CBD evolved over the decade?  Well, let’s take a look.

More Delivery Methods for a More Customized Experience

At first, most CBD companies only offered one or two types of products – maybe a tincture and an edible.  Now, however, we know that there are so many exciting delivery methods out there, such as topicals, capsules, beverages and vape oils, with each allowing those compounds to absorb into the body in their own unique ways.  The more delivery methods available, the easier it is for consumers to customize their own individual hemp experience.

Advancements in Technology for Improved Accessibility, Affordability and Bioavailability

CBD has grown a lot in terms of financial success, which has allowed legitimate testing to be done on a scientific level.  We’ve been able to make CBD more bioavailable with nanotechnology and methods used to create different extracts for different peoples’ needs.  We’ve also determined ways in which to make CBD more accessible by creating techniques for yielding more female plants, better farming methods and more streamlined extraction processes.  And, of course CBD has become more affordable due to technological advancements relating to the manufacturing process of producing CBD goods.

New Discoveries and Clinical Studies

As CBD has grown in popularity, more and more respected medical researchers have done clinical studies in support of hemp.  These studies have allowed the general public to trust this plant more and more, while helping us figure out how to finetune our own personal CBD experience to better accommodate our unique needs.

CBD for Pets

We’ve also created a whole submarket for our furry friends.  The veterinary community is largely open to pet owners giving their companions CBD, and so more and more products are coming out with cats’ and dogs’ needs in mind.

More Acceptance from the Medical Community

Last but not least, we’re pleased to say that the medical community is far more open to CBD than ever before.  Nowadays, lots of doctors actually encourage patients to try it, because they’ve had time to look through clinical studies and test CBD out for themselves. 

The Future of CBD: What We Expect to See Over the Next Ten Years

It’s predicted that the CBD industry will be worth tens of billions of dollars before the decade is through.  Seeing the ways in which the industry is rapidly evolving, this doesn’t sound so farfetched.  For instance, we’re seeing major retailers embrace the idea of selling hemp-infused goods on their shelves.  We’re seeing trusted brands adding CBD to their formulas.  The FDA has even begun approving a CBD-based drug that may have dramatic effects on childhood epilepsy. 

Meanwhile, more CBD products are being produced than ever before, each with their own unique formulations.  Now, companies are managing to extract terpenes from highly desirable strains to better target customers’ unique needs.  We’re seeing nanotechnology being used to allow for water-soluble CBD products, which is something that we didn’t think was possible before.  And, we’re hearing that more and more studies will be coming out over the next few years so that we can gain an even deeper understanding into this unique plant, and what it can do for our endocannabinoid system.

We’re Pleased to Say that CBD is Here to Stay

The CBD industry has evolved tremendously over the last ten years.  And, considering how successful the industry is to this day, we know that even more exciting things will be in store for us throughout the 2020s.